Chair Massage in London: A Perfect Solution for Employees

Chair Massage in London: A Perfect Solution for Employees

Chair Massage London

More and more businesses are adopting massage therapy as a wellness solution for their companies. It’s inexpensive, it’s fun and it definitely adds a long list of benefits that individuals can easily enjoy.

‘Me time’ is important in nowadays hectic schedules. People don’t really have time to attend their wellbeing needs when working so many hours for a company, so having an experienced massage company bring the chair massage to the office solves this basic problem.

This growing trend (massage companies travelling to the office with portable equipment) has become an easy way for companies to offer massage therapy as part of the benefits employees can enjoy.

A Convenient Service

There’s no doubt that the chair massage is a convenient service when it comes to helping people relax at the office. The massage is ‘brought to you’ and because we spa the office we create the perfect environment so people feel extremely comfortable when having their massage therapy session.

We would have to make sure there will be a room available for the massage therapy, as distractions are one of the things that need to be avoided (noisy offices, opening closing doors, phones ringing, etc).

We bring everything with us so you don’t have to worry about a thing - we can ‘spa the office’ in literally minutes and we will leave everything exactly as we found it by the time of leaving. We’re used to busy offices and we know how to make ourselves at home without being noticed.

Creating the Spa Atmosphere

We believe that creating the right atmosphere is extremely important. The massage therapy involves every single aspect of the wellbeing of the individual in terms of relaxation, so details are of extreme importance.

It’s not just about the office - think of other type of events that can benefit from this fantastic, inexpensive service. Expos, marketing events, general social gatherings, conventions, special occasions, etc can most definitely take advantage of the massage therapy service.

You can enjoy the service on a weekly, monthly or as-needed service. Experienced, professional therapists can really make a difference to the wellbeing of employees in the comfort and convenience of the workplace.

Fantastic Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits employees will reap from the office chair massage: relieves muscle tension, relieves general pain, relieves headaches, helps reduce stress, can lower blood pressure, increases general focus, increases mental clarity, increases general energy levels and also increases office morale.

VMassage London is just a phone call or email away; get in touch today for your own chair massage at the workplace!

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