Chair Massage London: Combating the Rigours of Daily Stress

Chair Massage London: Combating the Rigours of Daily Stress

Chair Massage London

There's no doubt that a massage can be a great option when it comes to helping employees de-stress at the office. A therapeutic massage is a great alternative for the workplace in general; here's why.


We've already covered in a few blog posts the benefits of the chair massage. We can't stress enough that a one-off is not really a feasible solution. Ideally, you should book a professional company to visit your office  once a week, every 10 days or at least once a month. Employees can then have calm and very productive days at work.

Easy Setup

The chair massage therapy is also found in other places like shopping centres and spacious, busy areas, particularly in the bigger cities. Wherever there's business and people, the chair massage will simply do wonders for them. The corporate world is nowadays also bringing the chair massage to the office space, where professional therapists come in on a regular basis to help employees relax. The fact that the chair massage is brought to the office is such a welcome relief for both employers and employees because of the inherent health benefits.

When you receive a massage from a professional therapist you're under effective hands that know how to apply the right techniques and pressure. The chair massage at the office serves not only to relax the members of staff but also help them with certain pains as well as other injuries.

Our practitioners can setup the SPA ambient in no time. 

Improve Circulation

The chair massage can improve circulation as well as help relax the muscles in the body. There are also psychological benefits because the individuals get a sense of wellbeing that helps them throughout the rest of the day. 

The massage practitioner will make sure you're sitting comfortably and will wait for you to settle before getting started. The position of the massage chair has been thought in order to simulate the fetal position. 

Combating Fatigue & Stress

Sitting behind a desk all day can become a problem over long periods of time. Corporations are responsible for making sure they're doing their utmost to help their employees lead a healthy lifestyle at the workplace. Employees can get a nice break from sitting behind their desks and relieve the strain that bad seating positions can leave on their necks. Having a few minutes of massage can help increase their circulation as well as return the energy levels they need.

A Balanced Lifestyle

Massage can help promote a balanced lifestyle. More people are familiar with the benefits of massage nowadays and they seek massage therapy to improve their health and overall wellbeing. It is no secret that the western world has embraced a more holistic lifestyle in the last few years and massage therapies are part of this change. More and more people are having massage therapy as treatment.

Preventive Measure

Using the chair massage treatment as a preventive measure can add a healthy and natural balance to the office environment. You can then prevent problems from getting worse over time: it is important to understand this message and also have employees be informed about health issues when it comes to the long hours they usually spend behind a desk.

Leading a balance lifestyle in general is important, but corporations and businesses are somehow responsible for the wellbeing of their employees while these are sitting behind their desks at work. The corporate massage will benefit both employees and employers; hiring the right therapists will improve performance at the workplace.

The on-site massage is a cheap alternative to other options. In fact, even low cost office expenditure will probably end up being more expensive than a 15 minute routine chair massage at the workplace.

The chair massage will help improve performance, productivity and general alertness. Employees usually love it because they simply feel much better afterwords. Incentivising wellness programmes at the workplace is important, and the chair massage on-site can most definitely be part of one of these programmes.

Positive Benefits

There's no doubt that the effects are positive in general: more productivity with less stress involved. Employees might be less inclined to take time off and everyone is happy. Related health benefits are obvious and the company can attract attention from other companies who show an interest regarding wellness at the office.

Effective, inexpensive, positive, beneficial and an easy setup. What else could you ask for? Try the chair massage at your office today and see the improvements for yourself! 

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