Frequently asked questions

How does a chair massage from V Massage London work?

Before your massage your therapist will ask a few questions about your medical history and lifestyle to help us tailor the treatment to best suit your individual needs – we then begin your massage session.

What will happen during the massage treatment?

Your treatment is delivered in an ergonomic massage chair, which we adjust for your maximum comfort and for the promotion of correct posture and spinal alignment. The therapist will work on your upper back, arms, shoulders, neck and head, combining medium to deep pressure with a soothing touch.

How long will it take?

Your “pick me up” rejuvenating massage lasts from 15 minutes to half an hour and can be fitted around your lunch break. You remain fully clothed throughout your treatment and to avoid any mess and inconvenience oils are not used.

How much can a chair massage treatment help and what are the benefits?

It may not seem like much – and you might wonder how much will you benefit from fifteen or thirty minute treatments?

Studies have shown that the brain begins to recharge in just a few minutes and that with the right touch, tired muscles feel rejuvenated right away. A few minutes away from the desk and employees return rested, relaxed and ready to work with higher productivity. In addition, massage puts them in a good mood – the better to engage with customers or the projects of the day – and leaves them feeling positive about your company and the work environment.