Onsite Massage: Bringing Massage Therapy into the Corporate World

Onsite Massage: Bringing Massage Therapy into the Corporate World

V Massage London is the first company to SPA the office in London. If you require onsite massage in London please get in touch for availability and prices. 

Onsite Massage is a Necessity, not a Luxury

An office environment can be a friendly and amicable area/place, but, at times, when working with diverse people as well as job demands, the office space can quickly turn into a stress-full environment. Stress can bring about depression, anxiety and other physical as well as emotional problems. Onsite massages help reduce depression, anxiety and stress in a way that is effective as well as affordable.

When carried out regularly, onsite massages can also help reduce blood pressure as well as insomnia and work related 'absenteeism'.​

V Massage has been bringing the massage to the London office for many years now. Massage at the workplace were not as widespread years ago as they are today; in fact, it is only now that we can talk about a onsite-massage-culture within the workplace. We like to help spread this idea as we know from experience how much this can benefit staff and, eventually, the company itself.

C-shape spine from improper posture

Onsite massage

Having a Chat with HR

Through word of mouth we've been helping out de-stress the London office. We visit many different types of offices within the London area and therefore have learnt about the different needs. Over time, people get to know about our services via word of mouth or the Internet. As the idea of wellness at the workplace grows, the onsite massage has become a necessity and not a luxury.

There is no doubt that an onsite massage at the workplace provides many benefits (these have been outlined within different areas of this website). If in doubt, we can have a chat or email HR and explain what it is we do and how it can benefit the staff/individuals. We can also go through different aspects of the whole process including what to expect, what individuals should wear (as and when needed) as well as how V Massage sets the SPA environment in an office room.

Reasons for an Onsite Massage Might Vary

The reasons why a company would start looking into onsite massage can vary: changes at the office, computers that demand the constant attention of the team, customers that are demanding and create a hostile atmosphere, companies that downsize or become successful really fast, etc. All these circumstances can create new and stressful situations at the workplace.

​If for whatever reason your staff is overworked the onsite massage will be a successful practice and you should consider booking it regularly. Issues related to painful shoulders, bad postures, stress, lower back pains, migraines etc can be avoided with ongoing sessions.

A Rewarding Experience

A plan that involves recurring onsite massage at the workplace is most definitely a rewarding experience. Companies need to be informative and preventative in order to help the staff maintain a healthy work related lifestyle.

Many of the staff members might not usually have access to a therapeutic massage and the onsite massage is such a great opportunity to introduce them to something that will always be beneficial to them both while working at the office and also on a personal level.​

1st Company in London to SPA the office

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