Treat Your Staff to an Office Chair Massage this Christmas!

Treat Your Staff to an Office Chair Massage this Christmas!

Chair Massage in London: Treat Your Staff this Year!

So your staff has been working hard all year round and it is time to show them some appreciation! Our therapists will make sure everyone at the office relaxes with our professional massages. Book ahead this year to make sure each member of staff starts the month with a treat!

Getting ready for the festivities is a must and you need to prepare well as there is usually so much to think about. A massage at the workplace is a fantastic Christmas gift, everyone will love it (and deserve it!).

Our chair massage services have been designed for different offices and meeting rooms around London. We can accommodate to your premises and setup the office spa in no time.

You Don't Have to Splash Out!

Chilling out and relaxing should be part of the office 'to-do' lists. In fact, we usually visit offices regularly (once a week or once a month) because everyone benefits from our chair massages. Each individual can select the type of massage they want from our different massage therapies; we can also help out with individual aches and/or other related pains and injuries.

A chair massage at the office is an inexpensive way to show your staff the appreciation you feel for the work done throughout the year. Start the holiday season with something they will love and enjoy!

The Staff Will Just Love It

An office chair massage is such an alternative Christmas party idea. This is the sort of thing everyone usually enjoys. It makes such a difference at the office; we've seen it again and again. The atmosphere created is soothing and relaxing. Have a look at our prices here

Making sure you choose the right company to carry out the chair massage is important. You need to do some research before proceeding to make your selection - at V Massage we are proud to say we are the first company in London to SPA the office! Have a look at our testimonials here

Benefits for All

There are many benefits when it comes to the chair massage: it helps relax the muscles in the body, it helps individuals concentrate and release tension. It also has psychological benefits because of the sense of general wellbeing people get. The massage 'stays with you' throughout the day making you feel great!

We will make sure you are comfortable in your chair and we also ask you about any problems, aches, injuries or body pains so we can give you the best possible massage according to your particular needs.

A Great Atmosphere

Employees shouldn't pay for the treatment if the company is thinking of the chair massage as a treat: you won't really cut costs because employees will not benefit as much. It is not the same thing to receive a massage when the company pays for it than when the employee pays for it. This is an inexpensive way to make sure your staff feels appreciated.

Sitting behind a desk all day can be harmful so companies are responsible for the wellbeing of their workers. A healthy lifestyle at the office is a must and relieving the stress from bad sitting habits is important. Just a few minutes of massage will help increase circulation, for example.

A Fantastic Christmas Treat

It is a fact that a massage promotes a good, healthy lifestyle. People nowadays spend time trying to improve their overall health and wellbeing. More and more individuals are showing an interest in massage as a treatment and we encourage offices to take the initiative of using the chair massage service. This is such a fantastic Christmas treat that everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

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Our massages are effective and create a positive impact at the office. With all the benefits added we think this is a fantastic treat that members of your staff should enjoy this year. Try the chair massage and watch everyone at the office feel happy, relaxed and grateful! 

1st Company in London to SPA the office

Treat Your Staff to a Chair Massage!

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