Wellbeing at Work Ideas: Therapeutic Massages as a Popular Choice

Wellbeing at Work Ideas: Therapeutic Massages as a Popular Choice

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Therapeutic Massages are Highly Beneficial

With therapeutic massages the individual receives a wide range of benefits. Often relaxing, the session aims at aiding the person so they can enjoy certain health benefits. Although massage therapies can work as standalone treatments, some people benefit from a massage therapy plan because of particular needs.

There is no specific age when it comes to receiving the benefits of a therapeutic massage. It is important to make sure that the massage is performed by fully qualified massage therapists. If someone at the office needs special treatment or attention - expecting mothers, for example - it is important to make sure that the massage therapy is a suitable one.

There are many different types of massage styles; the important thing is that your massage therapist can tailor the massage to suite your specific needs. Make sure to call us if you need to discuss particular massage therapies for your members of staff.

How Therapeutic Massages Help

Massage as therapy will combine relaxing techniques with 'remedial' techniques. The point is to relax the body but also to work on the muscles. A good therapy can help improve circulation as well as other issues like helping lower the heart rate (due to the relaxation), blood preassure, breathing rate, etc.

The body can benefit from a massage therapy in many different ways. The muscle tissues can enjoy massive relaxation, important when working long hours in front of the computer at the office. A good massage therapy will result in members of staff enduring less pain as well as helping performance at the workplace.

Conditions like anxiety, stress, minories injuries and general wellbeing can be treated by a massage therapy.

Massage Therapies at the Workplace

Having a massage therapist or team of massage therapists come to the office often can help keep the members of staff relax and it will also help prevent minor injuries. 

Massage times may vary - we're aware of how busy it can get at the workplace; sometimes individuals can only spare 10 or 15 minutes but even a short therapeutic massage can carry enormous benefits for the person. 


Everybody is different due to the different lifestyles but there's no doubt that regular therapeutic massages can help members of staff feel better at the workplace, especially when these are performed on a regular basis.

It is important to keep the muscles relaxed as well as treating minor injuries as soon as possible. Bad habits can get worse as time goes by and tense muscles can be a problem more often than not. Tight muscles should be identified and treated as soon as possible to avoid further injuries. Interesting article on bad posture and decrease in productivity here.

At VMassage we can help with your specific therapeutic needs. Please get in touch for information on bookings, availability and prices. If you're not sure what's best for you, we can help!

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