Your Basic Survival Kit when Sitting at the Office all Day

Your Basic Survival Kit when Sitting at the Office all Day

So as it happens you can damage your health while at work. Yes, many ignore health risks when it comes to staring at a computer for many hours; in fact, sitting for long periods of time can actually turn into a serious health issue.

Fortunately there are many things that can help. In this article we look at a few of them.

1. Height of the Chair

Towards the end of the day your ankles experience some swelling so making sure is not too high will help reduce the possibility of ankle swelling. Make sure your chair is not too high when working at your desk. Sometimes we can forget to check, or we simply ignore checking the height. It is advisable that you stop what you're doing to make sure the height feels right.  

2. Any Back Pain?

Sometimes we feel back pain, which might get worse after a long day at work. One quick solution is to move around and/or switch positions. 

Supporting your back is important and a good chair should be able to help with this. Check the angle of the chair and also include cushioning if necessary. This video will help you.

3. Move Around

Getting up and moving around often is a good practice. As the day goes by we start to get tired and we're likely to adopt poor postures from slouching. As this adds more pressure to the body it is desirable that we change positions as often as possible. Try to go for a walk or at least stretch so the body 'resets' itself.

4. Hourly Breaks

Simple! Every hour get up and move. Walk, stretch, go for coffee, drink a glass of water. Anything that helps you move your muscles. This is a good practice and the idea is that in time you get used to it. 

5. Good Bye Lift!

Get into the habit of walking up and down the stairs. Many people do this as part of their daily exercise routine. The higher the office the better! 

6. Adjust your Armrest

Armrests are more important that what people generally think as they help reduce neck and shoulder strain. Make sure to adjust your armrest in a way that it supports the elbows taking the weight off your shoulders. 

7. Adjust the Height of Your Monitor

Make sure to adjust the height of your monitor: your eyes should be in line with the top of the screen. To help you out, here are some tips on monitor placement.

8. Don't Stretch for Equipment

Everything should be easy to reach: mouse, glass of water, pen, etc. You shouldn't have to stretch to reach your office equipment. Something to keep in mind.

9. Using a Footstool

Sometimes a footstool helps when an unadjustable chair is too high and you constantly have to lift your feet off the ground. Rest your feet by using a footstool. It will help you reduce pressure on the feet.

10. Book a Chair Massage

Book a chair massage with us. The benefits are obvious and we set up in no time! A chair massage can help reduce back pain, stress and other injuries caused by sitting in front of a desk all day. It is inexpensive and helps boost moral at the workplace.


By making small adjustments to your office daily routine you can not only improve your health but also prevent risks that can damage your health. 

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