Corporate Massage in London: Embracing the Concept at the Workplace

Corporate Massage in London: Embracing the Concept at the Workplace

There is no doubt that a great massage will most definitely improve employees' mental, physical and emotional resilience.

Corporate massage London based: at VMassage we offer fantastic service packages around the corporate massage.  Being the first company in London to create the Office Spa, we're proud to say we are a great choice when it comes to bringing the chair massage to the workplace! 

Wellness in the workplace has seen an increase in popularity in the last few years and it is easy to see that massage therapy is an attractive way to keeping the team productive.

More and More Companies Embracing the Concept

The corporate massage is a growing need, especially since wellbeing has become such a trend in the last few years. This is an important factor; businesses need to embrace the wellbeing concept for many reasons - not just because members of staff can become more productive but also because it entices a healthier lifestyle at the workplace.

The corporate massage has been thriving in the last few years, companies are starting to notice that wellbeing at the workplace is a need that can’t really be ignored. The chair massage in particular is very popular (it also adds an element of fun to the day!) as it is just such an economic way to get good will from employees in general.

Companies can reap many benefits from offering massage therapy to staff members. Long hours can result in individuals feeling drained and at times even getting ill. The corporate massage can help with making sure energy levels are increased. It's a win win.

Periodic Massages at the Workplace

The staff will look forward to monthly massages that can help them get through the day. It can also help other companies adopt the practice, which will always result in better performance as well as a happier working environment.

Heavy workloads as well as stress can become a huge problem and the corporate massage (even if only for 10 minutes!) can and will make a huge difference. There’s no doubt that companies in general should be convinced of the great impact these massages could have in terms of the different range of benefits.

Creating Wellness Programmes

Have you thought about creating a wellness programme that fits in with your core values within the office? We could arrange a meeting in order to help you develop a wellness programme around your particular needs. This is about increasing employees' productivity as much as also setting your company apart in a healthy, powerful way.

Maybe you can’t really change the amount of work the staff at the office has to put up with on a daily basis but you could most definitely help the way in which individuals manage the workload by bringing to the office the corporate massage.

The right wellness programme will most definitely help improve the health and wellbeing of employees.


Every company is different but there are ways around making sure employees reap the benefits of the corporate massage. Either the company pays for the service or the company and employees can share the costs. If you think employees should pay for the cost the incentive could then be the company being willing to offer the time for the massages which could take place within working hours.

Give it a Try

There are many benefits even if massages take as little as 20 minutes once a month. If members of staff are sitting around a computer long hours throughout the days there will be a time when a company might feel responsible for the wellbeing of each individual.

You can give it a try and see how it goes. By adding massage therapy to existing benefits you’ll be making a huge difference also in terms of how employees' view the company.

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