Wellbeing at the Workplace: Initiatives that Will Help

Wellbeing at the Workplace: Initiatives that Will Help

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'Wellbeing' is the word of the moment. In fact, more and more companies are adopting wellbeing initiatives at the workplace (see infographic here) to help motivate members of staff, promote health and productivity and reinforce emotional health as well as social connectivity.

The right wellness programmes can have a real positive impact on employees' performance and engagement!

Having a happy and healthy team is important (see importance of teamwork here). If you find that your workforce is demotivated or tired maybe you should think about making a few changes. This article we'll try to help you with a few ideas so you can encourage wellbeing at work.

Fitness Programmes

Physical activity is very important and it is easy to incorporate it at the workplace. There are many options you can think of, for example, if there's a fitness centre nearby it could be a good idea to encourage members of staff to join by offering help with vouchers. The same goes with yoga classes. Other initiatives not so related to physical activity could be treating the staff to healthy meals when the occasion calls for it, will also promote and encourages wellness. More on nutrition below. More info here.

Mindfulness Training

Taking care of the body is important (especially when you're sitting all day in front of the computer, check out some tips on how to sit on your chair at the office) but the mind needs to be nurtured as well. In fact, nurturing the mind will eventually boost physical health, as the thought-patterns change into more positive ones encouraging the body eat well and stay well. 10 ways of being more mindful at work here.

An idea, for example, could be to prepare a small room in the office for mindfulness purpose. You can place comfortable cushions around and in the corner have a laptop ready with speakers so individuals can play relaxing sounds in the background. Maybe every now and then a mindfulness teacher could come along and offer a session to those who show a particular interest in mindfulness. How to practice mindfulnes at work here.

Yoga and meditation will help employees feel a lot more balanced. This, in turn, will help productivity at the office. Members of staff will be able to focus on their tasks without feeling overwhelmed by their thought activity. Being present is key as anything else points at past and future which exist in the 'thought world' but not in the 'moment', which is where we can feel at ease, rested and, more importantly, happy. Benefits of yoga at the workplace here.

We'd really like to encourage mindfulness training as this alone can make a huge difference to each individual at the workplace. It can be an inexpensive and truly effective initiative. Here's another guide to mindfulness at work.

Focus on Nutrition

What you put into your body is a type of medicine as well; it helps the physical body feel and stay well. It also helps the brain activity which is obviously very important for productivity. Here's a great article on healthy eating at work.

Cantines could provide healthy meals, offer (and promote) more organic choices, source foods from natural suppliers who look into sustainability, etc. The trend is growing and there's a vast option of suppliers due to demands. Talks on nutrition by experts encouraging healthy diets could also be an interesting option. These links are interesting: here, here, here and here.

Daily boxes with free fruit and basic organic products for general consumption could be an inexpensive way to promote wellness.

Movement is Important

Encourage members of staff to use the stairs instead of the lift. You could have a 'stair count' sheet where individuals could add the number of steps they're taking on a daily basis.

Standing up and walking is important when sitting behind the desk for long hours. Offering programmes where onsite massage is provided could be a way to promote wellness at the office as well. Although more 'passive' from the perspective of the individual, having a chair massage will help members of staff with stiffness, muscular pain and other problems that can arise due to the long hours sitting in front of the computer.​ Find here and here interesting reads on this.


There are many wellness initiatives companies can incorporate into the workplace. We've mentioned just a few, but the choices are endless if companies put their mind to it. Talk to your employess so you can listen to their pain points; in the end, they will be the ones telling you what it is they need to feel well and stay well at the office.

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